Sunday, August 5, 2012


Let me advertise facebook to you!
Sure all of you know that facebook is a social network that help you to connect with others, but as the time goes by, facebook has changed into something else called: MEDICINE!
Obviously, people are searching for attention (uppss...) antidote for their so called 'broken heart'. By the way, it's not wrong to post status in facebook, to share what you do or to share what you think sometimes is good. But when it gets to far, then this is where everything goes wrong. 
Some emo or alay.. No i mean, some tooooo 'softhearted' person are too soft to tell their stories to people, some tooooooo 'softhearted' people feel so bad to tell their friends that he / she were angry with them therefore they post it on facebook.. Yeah right! 
So, i'm trying to fit in to their logic, therefore, this is my new discoveries:
1. Those 'softhearted' person feel that when they post such a heart-shattering post on facebook, they will get a lot of 'LOVE'...
"You said you were my best friend, you said you care about me. I've listed out your mistake, but you never realize your fault! You never even say sorry! I'm sorry i'm such a terrible friend, but i love you.. I truly do"  
Then in a few minutes, they gonna get thousands likes and comments... "Be strong.. Huggies.. muahh", "I know you are strong enough.. You can get through this", "Hugsssss...", "Kissssss", etc..
So, this is their meds! Strong right? Unlike panadol, you can take unlimited dosage for this meds!

2. Those 'softhearted' people think that if he / she blame people on facebook, and show their misery, that certain person / group will feel sorry for him / her therefore the problem will be solved!
"I just want you to say sorry to me???? Is that too much to ask??? I love you, i truly do, i still think that you are my friend.. I let you see all your fault that i listed out previously!!! But whyyyyy???????"
Aaaannnddd.. In a few second they will have thousand comments too! "Uh oh, your friends such a jerk, don't worry you deserve the better one", "Be strong!!!"... bla.. bla... blaa...
But the sad fact is: Usually addressed group / person think that he / she is crazy didn't even realize and end up ignoring him / her .... Well yahhhh.. Life is not an Indonesian drama...
But again, this time the comment and like are their meds, they feel stronger (though i think it will just last for a few second)...
My personal opinion in this one is: If this ever happen to me, i'll think that certain person is crazy.. And if giving a lil' kid a lollipop could shut their mouth, so i'll say sorry (without any sorry feeling though) to do the same thing ... 

3. This meds did not last long! For a beginner, it'll last for a few days. But for the addicted one, it'll only last for a few hours. It's shown by how frequent they post their status, sometimes the addicted one can post essay on facebook for every few hour. Thou they got exam or assignment tomorrow, it seems like it just take a second for them to write an essay on FB. 
Wow, i need their talent so that i can finish all my essay in the exam!

That's all my discoveries. Anyway, to write this post also take me almost one hour (i know i'm very slow >.<), therefore i need those emo toooooo 'softhearted' person talent to do it fast!
I know I've been very sarcastic for the whole post. But to those people who like to do all that i mention above, please bang your head to the wall and get back to your sense. Think, how many of your facebook friends who comment on your status really care of you? They can post thousand nice encouraging comment or like your status, but HOW MANY of them gonna sacrifice their time to hear you cry? Maybe no one! They can inbox you, they can message you to asked you what's wrong or telling you all those 'be strong' tale, but HOW MANY of them gonna run to your place just to comfort you? and HOW MANY of them, though they stay soo far away, willing to use up all their credit to call you to make sure that you are strong enough and you are ok?
If there is no one, then maybe stop all this addiction and start to get a real friends, open yourself to them! Don't think your friends is fortune teller who can read your feeling through your eyes / hand / feet / stomach / mouth / ass or even facebook! If you want them to love you, tell them! If you stay quiet and get hurt then post it on facebook, you just feed all those gossip addict for more things to be discovered. If you wish them to say sorry by staying quiet and being angry by thinking that none of them care, congratulation! You'll get to next world faster than them.

Note: All the examples is my own creativity! cool right???  


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